hydrosol-939216_640Ag Mountain is a local Western North Carolina producer of Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution for general everyday use. We produce our solutions in small quality controlled batches of 750ml at a time. Our production is always fresh and made to order, to provide the highest quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution for our customers.

We offer a truly affordable alternative to retail products, with pricing as low as $6 for 1 ounce bottles to $55 for  of our 64 ounce bottles of Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution. We use only high quality amber glass bottles to store our solutions in.  Due to our low overhead, our products are 30% to 50% lower than retail competitors. Ag Mountain meets or exceeds the quality of competitors’ products, too. Our Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution is produced with a concentration of 15ppm. These levels make our solution safe for general use: internal and/or external.

Ag Mountain uses pure distilled water and 99.999% pure silver for the best  results.

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Is Ionic/Colloidal Silver Safe?

It seems that Ionic/Colloidal Silver is taking off quite rapidly, lately. Many people believe it is a new thing, much like a trend. The truth is that Ionic/Colloidal Silver has been around for a very long time. The benefits of Colloidal Silver, as we know it today, was discovered in the 1800’s when silver nitrate was Read More