About Us


Ag Mountain is a local independent producer of Ionic/Colloidal Silver. We have been producing the solution since 2010 and bottling it in various sizes.Our production was originally based in Florida and we have recently relocated to Arden, where we are still producing small batches and bottling them in a different and more sustainable way.

Who We Are.

Ag Mountain is a husband and wife team, Miguel and Shannon, who discovered the amazing benefits of Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution. Our journey began with the discovery of the product in store shelves and conducting extensive research on the benefits of this solution. Hundreds of hours of research allowed us to debunk all the myths surrounding Ionic/Colloidal silver and truly understand what the product is and its amazing capabilities.

We are a team of truly creative and artistic individuals who have a passion for healthy living and sharing our knowledge with others. We not only produce this solution, we personally use it daily in a variety of ways. We continue to engage in finding new and amazing uses for it and adapting it for everyday uses.

Our History

Ag Mountain was founded as a means to supply our increased need of the solution. After purchasing our commercial Ionic/Colloidal Silver solution production machine, we decided to offer friends and relatives this amazing solution at extremely low prices.

By 2014, we had scaled up to increase our production and packaging, with deliveries to local merchants in the Jensen Beach, Florida area. We have since relocated to Arden, NC and continue to produce the same quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver for ourselves, friends, families and the community.

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