Is Ionic/Colloidal Silver Safe?

It seems that Ionic/Colloidal Silver is taking off quite rapidly, lately. Many people believe it is a new thing, much like a trend. The truth is that Ionic/Colloidal Silver has been around for a very long time. The benefits of Colloidal Silver, as we know it today, was discovered in the 1800’s when silver nitrate was used to treat eye infections. And from that point on, the discoveries and uses of Colloidal Silver increased exponentially. So why did it go into some kind of obscurity until recently? And why is it so controversial and shrouded in fear by many?

Well, to understand what is really going on, we need to take a close look at what Colloidal Silver is. Colloidal silver is defined as a concentration of nano-sized particles of silver suspended in highly purified water where the majority of the solution is non-ionic, pure silver metal where there are no other additives such as citric acid, fulvic acid and/or proteins/polymers. This means pure silver metal and pure water, nothing more.

Up until the moment mainstream medicine discovered how profitable patented, man-made, synthetic alternatives to simple solutions that offered real cures, Colloidal Silver was our anti-bacterial solution of choice. Today, despite the science that proves how effective Colloidal Silver is against all bacteria and viruses, there is an awful lot of fear mongering taking place to scare you away from the product. All this to redirect your attention to prescription medications that only mask symptoms, not cure anything, really, and potentially create new problems.

Ionic/Colloidal Silver is a combination of silver ions and colloids suspended in pure water. Science has proven that silver has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses on contact. Most are killed within 10 seconds. The exact mechanism behind why this happens is still not entirely understood. But the fact that no bacteria or virus can survive in the presence of Colloidal Silver is proven. Plus, unlike patented anti-bacterial solutions used in medicine today, bacteria nor viruses have the ability to develop an immunity to the Colloidal Silver. They simply cannot survive.

Add to this the fact that Silver is the only heavy metal known to man that has absolutely no adverse effect on the human body. So what about that ‘blue man’ thing that happens to people when they take Colloidal Silver? You know, that argyria they all talk about? More misinformation. I am not saying it cannot happen, because it has. But I find it funny that the photos of the same one or two people with this condition continue to circulate warning everyone of this danger. If it was so dangerous, why is it that no one else is turning blue? Is it really that dangerous?

This is where fact and fiction battle it out. Argyria is real. But it is a condition that is NOT associated with true Ionic and/or Colloidal Silver. The man we all know as the ‘Blue Man’, Paul Karason, never ingested true Ionic and/or Colloidal Silver. In fact, by his own admittance, Paul ingested enormous amounts of what was actually Silver Chloride. Paul wanted to consume Colloidal Silver in large amounts, but producing it properly is a time consuming process. It cannot be rushed. Paul discovered that by adding salt to his water, that the electrolysis process he was using was yielding larger batches in less time. This time reduction was caused by the water’s high conductivity, which created particles much large in size than the nano-sized colloids in Colloisal Silver.  Consuming this high ppm formula in excessive amounts, plus the fact that he used it internally and externally, is what caused his skin to turn bluish-grey.

People have been taking Ionic/Colloidal Silver for decades without a single sign of Argyria, simply because they use actual Ionic/Colloidal Silver and in controlled ppm levels.

AgMountain prides itself in producing small quality controlled batches of Ionic/Colloidal Silver using only pure distilled water and 99.999% pure silver. The same process we have used to produce the very solution it’s founders have been consuming for the past 6 to 7 years is used to produce high quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver for the public.

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